1973-74-76 Ugly Stickers

In 1973-74, Topps reissued Ugly Stickers. This time there were 55 groups of two for a total of 110 stickers. The stickers are not numbered but are die cut, with two variation names for each picture.
It is difficult to distinguish the series of 1973 stickers from those issued only in 1974.
The 1973 wrappers were green, serial #0-453-85-01-3, with the instructions "1 bend on crease - 2 Stick to anything!".
The 1974 edition also contained 12 puzzle-pieces, printed on cardboard cards. The green wrappers, serial # 0-482-21-01-4, bear alternating ads: "Lotsa friends means lotsa Bazooka", "Bazooka has it all"; and "Be prepared". Wrapper states that in Canada, the material was made and distributed under license by O-Pee-Chee Canada.
Topps reissued the series in 1976, this time with white-back stickers and no puzzle pieces. These stickers were identical, except that they were backed with white cardboard instead of tan paper used in the 1973/1974 reissued. The green wrapper design is the same as for 1973/1974, but bears different ads and states "Made & printed in U.S.A. by Topps Chewing Gum, Inc. for Trebor Sharps Ltd., Maidstone"; with serial # 0-485-21-01-6.
The packs came with 3-4 stickers, gum and a checklist piece. The boxes came in a 5 cent and 10 cent variety.
Scans from: www.bubblegumcards.org


US WRAPPER 1973-1974